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My first Impressions for Albion Online

2016-06-01 11:05:00
Firstly, I absolutely adore the look of Albion Online. Yes it looks incredibly simple but it’s that simplicity that’s so refreshing. What’s so refreshing about Albion Online is the fact that you’re free to do as you please, without restriction and as I quickly found out, the game seemingly supports you in that endeavour.
#The Destiny Board
Albion Online uses a progression system called a Destiny Board. It’s effectively your roadmap that defines your character's progress and how they’ve specialised. During my early play, the first milestone was easy to access and required me to gain only 750 Fame. Fame is effectively the experience you obtain from completing quests, killing enemies or crafting and is surprisingly easy to obtain as you venture into the wilds or go about your business at the anvil. Once I’d become a “Trainee Fighter” my next milestone was “Journeyman Hunter” that simply required me to pickup a Novice Bow and earn some more fame. It’s incredibly simple but as you progress, the requirements for reaching these milestones increases, with you needing to defeat certain enemies or do certain things.
At the moment I’ve almost unlocked the quarterstaff and access to a better bow and have had to earn Fame from Tier 3 enemies. This lead me into several new zones that contained soloable dungeons. Surprisingly and this even counts outside of dungeons, enemies hit bloody hit. Even straight out of the starting area they’re a real threat and inside the dungeon, taking on two enemies at once was particularly challenging: it’s also good to see that enemies actually have sensible “aggro” ranges.
#The World Map
Where combat is concerned, it’s undoubtedly simple compared to the likes of WildStar or Guild Wars 2, but against real players - rather than AI - it’ll feels quite nuanced. There’s no ability to dodge attacks (that I can see) and all skills and utilities are obtained by what you wear. At the moment I’m wielding a bow and wearing medium armor, so at my “level” I’ve access to 4 bow skills and several utility skills that my armor provides. It’s an elegant and refreshing system and I particularly love that armor provides a variety of utility that you can choose when crafting it. Several duels that I had in one of the cities were surprisingly fun and even though I had terrible items with almost no specializations in my Destiny Board, I almost beat a highly geared and well experienced player. I’m looking forward to diving into PvP more.
There’s still so much I haven’t done in Albion Online and having been playing again today, I’ve decided that I’ll diarise my experience. If there’s anything I’d want right now, it’d simply be to improve some of the light sources (such as torches or lamps) and to also provide me with the ability to adjust the gamma and user interface size. Other than that and some slight animation adjustments, I simply need more time to uncover the depth of the game.
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