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In Albion Online What is a Tier and How Does it Work?

2016-06-04 06:48:00

We will introduction that Tire and how it to work. In fact there are a lot of guides and news at, if you want to learn more click on it.    Tier is actually the rank of items you gather in the world or the items you craft with these materials. An item’s power is increased with its tier. For example a pine tree gives you tier 4 materials. The bow you craft with pine wood will become a tier 4.0 bow. The reason I used 4.0 but not 4 as an example is to introduce you to the sub-tier system.   Some materials can also become uncommon, rare, exceptional,legendary or mythical. For example a whitewood tree can spawn in the world as an exceptional one and the wood I gather from this tree will be tier 8.3. This is called the sub-tier.For example an exceptional whitewood bow will be a tier 8.3 bow.   There are 8 tiers and 5 sub-tiers. Also there is another layer of tier while crafting materials which is called quality.   Sub-Tiers   Tier .1=Uncommon (green glow around the resource) Tier .2=Rare (blue glow around the resource) Tier .3=Exceptional (purple glow around the resource) Tier .4=Legendary (red glow around the resource) Tier .5=Mythical (orange glow around the resource)   Quality   Normal Excellent Masterpiece Epic Legendary   Quality of an item is determined while it is being crafted. Better specialized crafters in one tree does have a higher chance of crafting a better quality item. So it is important to get specialised in one crafting tree rather then be a jack of all trades. Quality does matter. Better quality items are rare and their market value is higher than lower quality items.   Quality Example Tier 3 Legendary Fire Staff = 140 + %40 more damage =196 Tier 4 Normal Fire Staff =172 + %4 more damage = 178,8 Tier 4 Excellent Firs Staff = 172 + %8 more damage = 185,7   ... Devamı