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The Best Farming Guide

2016-05-05 09:49:00

This farming guide is the best as it won't have to buy any food from the auction house to breed your horses or chickens. Breeding will be explained in a seperate guide. Farming is a big part of the game right now. It takes a ton of food for guilds to keep their territories up. This is why farming and breeding are currently realy profitable. The only way to get a personal farm is to buy a personal island. You can do this at any city with a harbor   Cities where you can buy an island: Buccaneers Haven Smugglers Bay Fisher's Hold Journey's End Breakwater Seamouth Freeport   The setup i'm using requires 2 farms and 1 pasture. I'm doing this because it requires quite some food to breed your animals. You can build a farm or a pasture by pressing the "b" button on your keyboard and go to the farming tab. Once you have placed your farm or pasture you have to gather the required resources to build them. A farm requires 15 T1 Stone and 15 T1 Wood. A pasture requires 25 T1 Wood, 25 T1 stone, 25 T2 refined wood, 25 T2 refined stone. This gets us to a total of 40 T1 wood, 40T1 Stone, 25 T2 Wood, 25 T2 Stone.   Once you have built the farms and pasture you have to get some seeds to make carrots. You can go out and kill some mobs to try and find seeds but the fastest way is to buy them at the Auction House. A farm can have a maximum of 9 seeds. If you have the silver to buy 18 seeds go ahead and buy them.   After buying the seeds it's time to head back to your farm. You can plant the seeds by clicking them in your inventory and pressing the "Place" button.   After planting the seeds all you have to do is wait for the time to pass, go ahead and gather some resources or slay some mobs while you wait.   Once the carrots have grown, you can harvest them by clicking on them. When harvesting them you will get some fame and after 18 ... Devamı

Important Tips Of Albion Online

2016-04-30 05:28:00

These important tips can help you,  maybe ... It depending on your!   1.Depends really how many hours a day you playing - if you don't spend whole day on 1 game you don't really need 2 characters there is no way you will run out of learning points this quick    2.Try to make friends who can explain you how it works, focus on 1 thing at a time. Being a mage or whatever you want to be. Try getting groups all the time as it is far better than doing things on your own. Experiment. But don't waste all your learning points on stupid things. (use them on your main spec line from tier 3 or 4) - weapon and chest armor is best to begin with.   3.Just get rolling to tier 4 or so and you can start doing 5man dungeons. If you want to be appreciated and wanted for groups, be a tank or healer (you can do this as your alt spec and then switch back and forth, but that delays your main build)   4.Join a guild so you have people to hang out with and ask for advice. also have two characters: one for resource gathering/crafting, and another for combat.learning points run out super fast (especially with crafting) and you won't have enough to do both on the same character. Devamı

Albion Online Guide For Beginners

2016-04-30 05:21:00

Survive in the world of Albion with this Albion Online Guide. New players will find almost infinite opportunities in the vast world of Albion Online. At this, you will know where to start with this helpful guide since there are lots new things to find out once you disembark on the Albion including the various zones, the Destiny Board, the egalitarian system and many more.   # Albion Online Guide To The Destiny Board   You will find nothing to guide you on your journey when first starting the game. This is not a glitch. You make your own course and write your own legacy in Albion Online. To help you to start making character and path to choose, there is a support-system called the Destiny Board. Press the N key to open the Destiny Board. The destiny board seems pretty complex at first but you will able to master it in just a few moments learning it. You will progress in the world of Albion with this unspoken guide that can be accessed anytime and anyplace. The time you start the game will be recorded in the destiny board. Albion Online Guide suggests you completing the initial tasks at the bottom-middle of your screen after closing your destiny board.   # Albion Online Guide To Start Your Quest   Either Middle Cross, Westerly Cross, or Easterly Cross is the first location you might land at the shores of Albion’s coast. There is each starter city you can simply travel and find companion in your journey. On the ship docks, Albion Online Guide suggests you to talk to the Travel Planner to help you travel between each city for free. Read your mails. There are a horse, some items, and an ox given to you that you can use during travel. You have to be careful in the Red Zones as players may kill you and take your items and horse.    # Albion Online Guide To Crafting   You can craft tools and weapons using the resources you find or buy during journey. Crafting system require tools as ... Devamı

Albion Online Guide - How The Tier Works

2016-04-29 09:53:00

Look here! Today our topic is how the Tier works. I’ll make the explanation really easy. Gear with no color border is . 1, green is .2, blue is .3. Those are really the most important ones to know first.   And the way it works is that you add the 2 numbers together to understand the value of your gear, so for example a 4.3 gear has a value of 7. which would mean that a 4.3 gear is on par with a 6.1 gear.   Now for some more detailed information:   Now in general .3 gear is overall the best, which means that between a 4.3, 5.2, and 6.1 weapon, the 4.3 will be slightly better in terms of stats. However, the .1, .2, and .3 will all have different skills that you can use on them, which means that there are cases in which people will choose to stick with .1 or .2 because they value the skill that that tier provides to them, more so than they value the stats.   At the end of the day tho the .3 gear has the greatest potential out of all of the tiers because since T8 gear is the max, it has a value of 11, compared to the .2 and .1 gear that will have a value of 10 and 9. And that difference really is big, it’s the difference between an entire tier of gear.   Also there’s the purple, orange, and white gear. Purple is .4, orange is .5, and white is .6. It’s basically the same as before except in this case these tiers don’t have new skills. .4 has the same skills as .1 and .5 same as .2, and .6 same as .3. But realistically it gets an incredibly long time to get to the point in the game in which you have to start worrying about purple gear and beyond because you cant even start working on .4+ gear until you reach T8. It doesn’t take too long to reach T8 in the .1 gear but it takes incredibly long to reach T8 in .3.   Anyways that’s basically everything you need to know about the tier system. The only part that’s a bit more detailed is the whole .1, .... Devamı

Mirrors of Albion HD Tips and Tricks Guide

2016-04-20 09:17:00

This is Cheats, hints and strategies! It's very important for you. Mirrors of Albion HD is a new hidden object game that is leading the resurgence of the HOG genre on the Android and iOS platforms.   To increase your mastery as quickly as you possibly can (and rack up points and coins, of course), play the same stages over and over, making a mental note of where everything is every single time so that you can remember it quickly the next time you play. The quicker you tap items one after the other, the higher your multipliers will be on the stage.   Of course, it always sucks when energy runs out. However, you can get free energy immediately once it runs out. To do this, go to the settings on your phone or other device, and set the time ahead by about an hour or three, and your energy will be fully restored. Do this every time you run out of energy to keep playing forever.   Even better, once you set the time back to normal, you won’t lose the energy that you just gained, and if you didn’t quite restore all of your energy because you didn’t set the time ahead enough, then you’ll get the rest of your energy meter filled up when you set the time back to normal. This way, you can play for as long as you want without having to deal with your phone being days ahead or some other ridiculous total.   Even if it is your first time playing a stage, look around for awhile and spot at least three items before you start tapping on them, so that you can quickly tap them one after the other and get the bonus bar at the top of the screen to fill up. You’ll earn far more points and increase your mastery more quickly this way. Devamı